About Us

Alex from Opulent Escape started her creative journey as a hairstylist. She did hair for 8 years before Covid threw a wrench in her plans. Quarantined, she needed to find a new outlet for her creativity and found fashion design.


As a size 16/18, Alex struggled finding clothing she loved. It was always expensive, cheap material or just not large enough. She wants to provide great alternative fashion for every body.

If you’re needing a larger size, please email us at info@opulentescape.com with your measurements and we will find a resolution.

The journey

Alex used to run her own business on Etsy. She made cosplay accessories under the same business name. After a few years, she decided to step away and work on other projects.

Now after the pandemic, she decided to focus on what she really wants - a cute apparel and lifestyle store!

  • Alex from Opulent Escape is a proud member of the LGBT+ community.