About Us

Alex from Opulent Escape started learning about and collecting crystals over a decade ago. Her first crystal was a Lithium Quartz tumble. It was all uphill after that!

She started getting more books and learned more about all things magical. At the age of 22, she started her journey to become a Reiki Master and became a Karuna Reiki Master at 23. She practices the Holy Fire III method.

Beauty in the Balance

Alex used to be a hair stylist, where she specialized in Reiki Blowouts
and Vivid Fashion colors. She did hair for 8 years.

The journey

Alex used to run her own business on Etsy. She made cosplay accessories under the same business name. After a few years, she decided to step away and work on other projects.

Now after the pandemic, she decided to focus on what she really wants - a cute metaphysical store!

  • Alex from Opulent Escape is a proud member of the LGBT+ community.